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Why do I write about travel?

Many people are confused by the sheer number of choices that there are for travelers. I know that for a long time I would just go with the flow and end up miserable at some point in my trip.

I realized in the middle of one trip that I was the one that was making myself miserable, and here is why. I was choosing the cheap, or convenient choices, and they weren't the ones that I really wanted.

Now, I am not saying that you have to spend more to have more fun. I am saying that you have to take a good look at your self and figure out what kind of trip would really make you happy. Some people like to backpack, and that is fine, It is a fun and inexpensive way to see the world. Others prefer all-inclusive resorts, or cruises. I have done ALL kinds of traveling, and it all depends on the where and when I am traveling as well as with who I am traveling with that dictates HOW I travel.

I invite you to join in the discussion, and maybe get some enlightenment about what kind of travel is best suited for you. Our team is ready to share their tricks, deals, and suggestions to help you better decide on the type of travel that you would enjoy the best.

Giants Causeway September 2009

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